What do you find here?

BLOGs, Artikel, Links, Diskussionen – alles rund um data
From databases, transformations, data take, business intelligence to cloud, AI and digitization.

Who is writing here?

It's you! I hope for a lively exchange!
And me:
For long time, I've been dealing with databases, transformations (ETL), data warehouses, business intelligence, project management and, in recent years, more and more with advanced analytics and the cloud.

My past was shaped by Oracle and for 10 years by Microsoft, which explains why this is a bit “biased” with “SQL Server”, “Azure”, “Power BI”, “Databricks”, etc ...

Important: Everything I write here is just my own personal opinion and experience, no documentation or instruction, it is much more testimonials, ideas and a basis for discussion.
So feel free to give your own opinion and experience - please be fair and constructive.

Have informative enjoyment here!
Oliver Kumhofer