A new streaming service?
A new cooking show?

This time there is a film for entertainment - so relax and enjoy:

If you want to find out more and are interested in apricot dumplings or the new Power BI Streaming Dataflows, you will find a "Long Version" with the details here:

Präsentiert wurde die Lösung auch auf der Big Data & AI World – Frankfurt.

Big Data & AI World - Frankfurt 09.12.2021
Big Data & AI World – Frankfurt 09.12.2021


In the Azure Cloud, a streaming solution with real-time reporting can be created relatively easily and scaled well.

Thanks to the IoT hub, large amounts of data can be collected from many sensors at the same time and processed further in real time, which are then immediately visible in Power BI.

Stream Analytics ermöglicht auch das gleichzeitige Speichern aller Daten oder Weiterleitung an andere Dienste und Event Hubs (Lamda Architektur).

For simpler streams, Power BI Streaming Dataflows is a fast alternative if reporting only takes place in Power BI and the processing of the data is less complex.

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